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CosmoTrends: the most innovative proposals at WeCosmoprof International

In order to discover the most current and future trends in the cosmetic industry, CosmoTrends offers an overview of the most avant-garde proposals among WeCOSMOPROF International exhibitors.

In collaboration with the international trend agency BEAUTYSTREAMS, the most relevant news and brands in line with markets transformation have been selected among almost 700 companies participating in the digital event.

Here are the trends that will guide the rebirth of the market:

HOLY HAIR – Consumers’ demand for hair health becomes a key beauty point, which combines holistic hair care with ingredients associated with psychophysical well-being, such as essential oils and Ayurvedic plants. The new products are now more user-friendly and salon-worthy, delivering professional results even at home. 

BIOTECH BEAUTY – The collaboration between the beauty and the biotech industry is increasing, resulting in the formulation of more accessible synthetic ingredients, which are a viable and sustainable alternative to dwindling natural resources.

THE LIPSTICK EFFECT – After focusing our attention almost exclusively on the eyes, lips are starting to steal the spotlight again. Recent ingredients formulations and innovations are defying the inconvenience of mask wearing. Think transfer-free, no stickiness and long-lasting effect.

MY BODY, MY TEMPLE – Self-care is becoming more sophisticated, almost turning into a daily ritual that enhances wellness in body, mind and spirit. The newest products are formulated to offer more holistic and emotional benefits, helping reduce stress, promote well-being, and boost mood.

NEXT LEVEL IMMUNITY – As a result of Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for immune-support products is continuously growing. Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of health maintenance and disease prevention, which in turn, translates in immune-boosting ingredients becoming mainstream. 

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