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From green beauty to clean beauty: being natural is not enough!

Sustainability has been at the core of the debate among cosmetic stakeholders for years. For a long time, "green beauty" has colonized perfumeries and mass-market, bringing the relationship between consumption habits and respect for the environment to the center of attention. However, the worsening of our planet's health has highlighted the need for a change of pace. Technical and scientific research has shown that the mere use of "natural" ingredients is not enough. The consumer is now aware that the origin of plant ingredients, the methods of extraction and procurement, and emissions from manufacturing processes are the values for understanding the actual environmental impact.

The cosmetic supply chain is no longer just "green" and natural, but clean, with reference to the transparency in production processes. There is no reserve planet, and every time we choose a product for our beauty routine, we choose ethical and social responsibility.

WeCOSMOPROF International is a litmus test of the ethical evolution of sustainability in cosmetics.

Join WeCosmoprof International
Join WeCosmoprof International

Attention to the planet also passes through the choices of procurement of raw materials. Vegetal Color is Herbatint's 100% organic hair coloring, based exclusively on dyeing herbs and Ayurvedic plants grown responsibly in India without pesticides and fertilizers, respecting the environment and people. Vegetal Color is a member of 1% for the planet, which connects companies and organizations to collaborate in defense of our mother earth. For each package sold, 1% of revenues goes to non-profit environmental associations.

For CONFALONIERI MATITE, sustainability is a solemn commitment. Immersed in the heart of the Alps, the company's Research and Development Division has created pencils made entirely of wood, certified PEFC Sustainable Forestry. The new line, THINK GREENER, is made up of vegan formulas with a high content of vitamin E and coconut oil. The increased range of pigments also ensures excellent color release.

NATURTINT by Laboratorios Phergal is the first hair dye to have obtained USDA certification in 2020, a prestigious award issued by the United States Department of Agriculture for bio-based products obtained from sustainable agriculture systems.

For Pennelli Faro to remain competitive on the market, it is strategic to create sustainable tools without compromising quality, compatibility of formulas, and aesthetics. The ECOSOPHY® range includes three eco-friendly applicator solutions. The latest novelty is SOLO®, the first patented mono-material brush on the market, 100% recycled and infinitely recyclable. SOLO® is made entirely from post-consumer water bottle plastic. At the end of its life, the product can be disposed of without the need for separation or differentiation.

YOPE uses 100% concentrated active ingredients derived from wild plants. Each component is used to its full potential thanks to the combination of gentle extraction methods and fermentation-based processes. The packaging is recyclable, and the brand encourages recycling by providing special formats.

Alterlook Professional manufactures hair care products for sale in professional and retail channels in both Europe and Brazil. The water-free formulation is the key element of the brand's philosophy, which turns the spotlight on water management.

These are just some examples of the proposals of the participating companies of WeCOSMOPROF International. Register to find out how clean beauty is transforming the cosmetic market!