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Your Beauty Creator, K-Beauty

“Young & Fresh” to “Clean & Green”, it’s how the K-Beauty is turning into, and leading the global beauty trend through its innovative ideas and technologies. 102 K-beauty leading companies are ready to interact with entrepreneurs and K-Beauty enthusiasts of the world at WeCOSMOPROF.


At the WeCOSMOPROF, KOTRA and IBITA will invite the experts and host webinars with 4 various topics regarding the present and future of K-beauty as a global trend setter. From “The Latest K-Beauty Trends” and “Korea Cosmetics Distribution Trend” to “OEM/ODM industry of K-Beauty” and “Latest changes of cosmetic regulation in South Korea” participants will rediscover new opportunities of K-Beauty for their business.

The Latest K-Beauty Trends

Speaker Seongmin(Mike) Sohn General Manager / REACH24H KOREA

Abstract Introducing Korea's clean beauty, Hot products, consumer habit changes after COVID-19, MZ generation, E.S.G trends, and other

Korea Cosmetics Distribution Trend

Speaker Jisu Lee CEO, HUESEEK Project

Abstract Introduction of distinctive features and distribution channels such as H&B stores and e-commerce platforms, marketing strategies, and other market trends in Korea

OEM/ODM Industry of Korea

Speaker Ian Youngwook Lee, Director at Kolmar Korea(Overseas Sales Group)

Abstract Understanding ODM business as platform, product development and service offering trends, ODM Co's strategy in digital era

Latest changes of cosmetic regulation in S. Korea

Speaker Hyeyoung(Tina) Shin Senior Researcher, Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute

Abstract 2021 MFDS cosmetic regulation change summary, customized cosmetics law, recycling packaging grading guidelines, etc